Platform toys are 3-dimentional blank canvas,
which designers and brands can express
their messages onto it with different designs.
These designer/art toys are one of leading trends
of current pop culture Shown below is ducobi’s
principal platform toy series – RB (Rare Bear).

디자인 토이는 장난감에 예술을 접목한 영역으로‘ 디자인토이’ 혹은

‘아트토이’라고 알려져 있다.
디자인 토이는 21세기에 홀연히 나타난 문화가 아닌 수십년이 넘는

역사가 있는 엄연한 문화 현상이며 1990년대 중후반 홍콩과 일본에서

출발하였으며 이후 문화 아이콘으로 떠올라 영미 지역으로 빠르게

확산 되었다.


Thinly sliced pieces of shell (abalone, pearl oyster,
etc.) are laid on the lacquer-coated surface of a
wooden base or core. Next, additional layers of
lacquer are applied to the entire surface, including
the area covered with pieces of mother-of-pearl.
The lacquer stains are then scraped away from the
mother-of-pearl to expose the pattern.
These steps are repeated by a master craftsman
until the design reaches his high standards. Because
of required steps and meticulous attention to detail,
the lacquer wares were created mainly for the royal
family, nobility, or Buddhist temples.

Ducobi® presents its first RB Artisan Series:

New collectible toy series collaborated with
mother-of-pearl inlay & lacquer-ware master craftsmen



Companies all over the world are using Platform Toy
to maximize their marketing impact.
We belive your company and Ducobi’s RB
can colloraborate together to create greater customer expereince
and also increase your brand value.


what is
the gangnamdol?

The white tiger is known as a spiritual animal
and one of the guardians of the four cardinal
directions. It is also seen as a king of the land
and is believed to bring success and power.


a compound word of "Gangnam" and "Idol",
set up on the K-Star Road in apgujeong-dong
which is in southern seoul, is attracting visitors


4가지 원두를 블렌딩하여 견과류의 맛을 연상케 하는 깊고 풍부한
직감이 특징이며, 가장 가본적인 맛의 블렌딩 더치커피

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