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Hello, we are Ducobi.
Ducobi has the meaning of a mythical toad.
In the East, mythical toads protect wealth and bring good luck.

듀코비는 한국, 일본, 미국의 각 분야의 아티스트와 디자이너들이
모여 2008년에 설립된 아트워크 회사입니다.
각종 아트워크 진행과 디자인 상품 출시와 함께 고품질의 디자인
토이를 만들기 위하여 항상 노력하는 회사입니다.


Ducobi is a company of talented designers and strategic-thinking
developers from Korea, Japan and the U.S.A.
Our mission is to create designer toys for the true toy collectors
of the world. We are working furiously to ensure that our designs
and materials are of the highest quality, and that each toy meets
our strict aesthetic standards.
Further, Ducobi is not just a Toy-producing company.
We are well-versed in all kinds of designs.
Our designers and developers are expert in designs of various
areas, and thus we can satisfy diverse consumers’ needs and
wants who are interested in design works more than toys.
Ducobi hopes you enjoy what you see.